For the Face

Facial Treatments

All of our facial services include:

  • A skin analysis
  • A recommendation with instructions on how to achieve your skin care goals
  • A thorough and relaxing cleanse, tone, steaming session, masking, massage, extraction, skin polishing and any other treatment that is included on your selected facial

All facials are designed to accomplish a specific goal based on your individual needs.


Anti-Aging Treatment

This facial will directly target on regenerating and nourishing the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin, triggering an immediate increase in cellular renewal. This treatment will reduce the appearance of fine lines, plump and lift tissue and provide a strong boost to your skin’s natural defenses.


Acne Control Treatment

This facial will help banish your breakouts by absorbing oil and impurities and soothing skin eruptions. Your complexion will be refreshed, stabilized and protected as it prepares itself to heal.


Sensitive Skin Treatment

Ease redness and irritation as well as symptoms of rosacea with this facial. Deep hydration with soothing ingredients will leave your skin feeling calm and cooled down.


Pigmentation Treatment

This facial gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin using enzymes as well as chemical-based ingredients while infusing it with hydrating moisturizers that penetrate into your pores, resulting in lighter, natural glowing and more youthful skin.


Home Care/Self-Care
All of our treatments are enhanced with recommended specific home care systems that are very effective and affordable. We will assist you in achieving your desired weight goal and skin results. We are committed to personally guiding you in determining a home care program that will help and encourage you to meet your personal goals.